Bull Frog sunscreen was the first sun care brand to provide water resistant protection. Originally put on the market for surfers, Bull Frog sunscreen has been praised for years in the surfing community.

Over the years - Bull Frog has been silenced by other big sunscreen brands in the store; although they've remained popular within the outdoor and surfing community. They must re-position their brand to communicate the right message to potential users.

Bull Frog sunscreen users don’t care about getting a tan -- they care about being able to stay active under the sun as long as they can, without getting burned. 

Our core consumer values the water resistant feature ALOT due to the amount of sweat and damp environment they’re active in. This group buys whatever brand of sunscreen because brand loyalty is low due to them all sounding the same. They’re not worried about getting a tan or spending leisure time under the sun - they’re worried about getting burned.


The sunscreen for endlessly active people.

Bull Frog sunscreen keeps you active until even after the sun sets.

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Well, before I started researching Bull Frog sunscreen, my initial concerns were of Bull Frog sunscreen not being good a product, but based off of Consumer Reports - this sunscreen fell into the top 10 reviewed sunscreens! 

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So I wanted to understand why this sunscreen, that I've never heard of, was so good.
Here's what Bull Frog sunscreen users are saying:

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Bull Frog users love this sunscreen because they're able to stay active all day long under the sun, without getting burned.
They aren't interested in vacations, laying out, and getting a tan - they're interested in staying active outside, reaching their goals, or getting through their day at work - under the sun.
But was that ownable to Bull Frog or were there competitor brands that claimed this as well?


Nope. All of the competitor brands focused on dreamy imagery of paradise and lounging on the beach with your family.
This is Bull Frog's chance to stand out against competitor brands by.



From Dawn 'Til Whenever
When you're the kind of person who stays out in the sun all day, you're not worried about getting a suntan. For that matter, you're not really worried about the sun at all.


Billboards will change at night to showcase that Bull Frog users are protected from the sun all day in order for them to continue their activities when the sun goes down.


If you’re the kind of person who is ready to attack the day as soon as the sun is up, you don’t need a specific alarm—this alarm app has one alarm setting, and that’s sunrise.
If you do hit snooze, the sun will begin to move across the screen letting you know immediately that you’re wasting precious daylight.


When you’re adventuring all day and into night, you might find that the sun has set on you.
The BullFrog Beacon is a small bottle of sunscreen with a solar-powered LED to keep you visible after night falls. Clip it to your surfboard, mountain bike, or pack, and keep going from dawn ‘til whenever.


Bull Frog users like being outdoors - so let's meet them.
After being in the sun all day - they're ready to take in the night sky.


Strategist: Robin Greenbaum
Art Director: Steph Langan
Copywriter: Chris Kessler